Purecybin Strawberry Ice CBD Vape | 50mg CBD Vape Carts | 1G




Purecybin Strawberry Ice CBD Vape | 50mg CBD Vape Carts | 1G

The Purecybin Strawberry Ice CBD Vape is a product that contains 50mg of CBD in a 1G cartridge. It is designed for vaping and provides a sweet and fruity flavor with the added benefits of CBD. Here are some key details about this product:

  • Product Name: Purecybin Strawberry Ice CBD Vape
  • Product Type: CBD Vape Cartridge
  • CBD Content: 50mg
  • Flavor: Strawberry Ice
  • Capacity: 1G
  • Features:
    • 99% Pure CBD Isolate
    • Cooling effects
    • Better intensity
    • 5-star richness
    • Zero nicotine
    • Puff-activated
    • Leak-proof


  • CBD Benefits: The CBD in this product is formulated using a specialist CO2 process to isolate and remove unwanted compounds, ensuring maximum potency. It is designed to provide therapeutic benefits such as reducing anxiety, stress, and pain, while also promoting relaxation and sleep.


  • Legal Status: The legal status of CBD varies by country. In Canada, CBD is legal for personal use and possession, but sale and distribution are illegal.
  • Use with Caution: Users should approach the use of CBD with caution, as it can interact with medications and have side effects. Consult a medical professional before using CBD products, especially if you have any health concerns


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